Local small business owner, community advocate promises fresh perspective, transparency

Jocelyn Vare, At-Large candidate for Fishers City Council

Jocelyn Vare, At-Large candidate for Fishers City Council

FISHERS, Ind. – Jocelyn Vare today announced her entry into the Fishers City Council race as an At-Large candidate. With a strong focus on increasing civic engagement and ensuring fair-minded government, Vare will bring her extensive experience, a fresh perspective and much-needed transparency to the council. As a member of the Fishers City Council, she will represent the interests of all Fishers residents.

A 20-year resident of Fishers, Vare has been a Fishers small business owner since 2001 and a community volunteer since 2008. In both her work life and volunteer efforts, Vare combines creativity with sound business strategy to encourage economic growth and enhance the community.

Running as a Democrat with a track record of collaboration, Vare views herself as the community’s candidate. Among her early priorities, she supports a smart growth strategy for Fishers, which includes more fiscal responsibility and more support for women-owned and small businesses. Vare believes that funding and resource investment should reach beyond the downtown Nickel Plate District and into every corner of the city, especially under-utilized commercial areas and aging neighborhoods. In order to become a vibrant and significant city, Fishers needs to grow its hourly workforce, maximize the impact of local arts and culture, and listen to the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of its diverse residents. Jocelyn believes Fishers can become a place that all residents are proud of, business-owners are committed to, and visitors come to spend their money and enjoy.

Vare also believes that good government should be based on trust. “The best ideas often come from residents themselves, not always politicians,” said Vare. “Our public officials have a responsibility to listen and learn before making decisions that shape the future or replace the heritage of our community. Fishers residents should be able to trust in the city leaders who represent them, and our city leaders should trust the citizens to participate in a meaningful way.”

Vare is the owner of Propeller Marketing, LLC, an advertising agency that promotes tourism and economic development in Indiana communities. Propeller is a certified Indiana Women-Business Enterprise and is located in the historic Eller House in Fishers, near 116th Street and Allisonville Road.

Vare has grown Propeller Marketing from a one-person shop to a thriving company with gross billings over $1 million. Her leadership has helped to maximize clients’ tax-generated funding to achieve a strong return on investment. Smart planning, fiscal responsibility and results reporting are Jocelyn’s management priorities for the budgets her team is entrusted with, and her own company’s finances as well.

Vare’s community service in Fishers has been focused on growing the local creative economy and enhancing arts, culture and quality of life for all Fishers residents. She has collaborated with city leaders and employees, local businesses, arts creators and residents. She currently serves as a member of Fishers’ new Arts & Culture Commission, co-chair of Spark!Fishers vendor committee, board secretary of Nickel Plate Arts and president of Fishers Music Works, the community’s performing arts non-profit organization. Vare has previously served as Fishers Arts Council president, Historic Ambassador House board member, Fishers 2040 Plan task force member, steering committee member for Fishers’ successful Statewide Cultural District application, and coordinator of the annual Nickel Plate District Arts Crawl event.

Jocelyn will be hosting a series of “Ask Me Anything” events on Facebook as well as a series of community listening events in the coming weeks. A schedule for these events will be posted on Facebook in the coming days. For more information about Jocelyn, her campaign or to volunteer, please visit www.JocelynVareForFishers.com and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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