No city wants to be old-fashioned or frozen in time. A community must evolve, change and grow. But, in recent years, Fishers’ growth has been solely defined by new, large buildings in the downtown Nickel Plate District. These buildings have been erected very rapidly and many of those complete have not activated the community in the way we were promised. This is concerning for many reasons, not the least of which is because millions of dollars are invested by the city and given away as tax reductions.

The business of Fishers should be conducted in the open, so that residents can engage on the issues that matter to them and be a part of the decisions the City Council makes that affect their families, they businesses and their lives.

Local businesses need to be given a fair shot when it comes to opportunities to be part of the city’s growth, not just big corporations.

Imagine what Fishers could be if its growth was thoughtfully managed, not frantically executed. Imagine growth that enhances Fishers for everyone, not just a few who receive special benefits. Imagine new buildings that are constructed in Fishers that do not destroy and displace but works alongside trees and greenspace, locally owned small businesses and our city’s heritage. This is the Fishers that I see – a Fishers that can flourish with a new approach, and a Fishers we can all be proud of.

  1. Peter Knight says:

    You appear to have many of the same values as Logan Day whom I totally support. In fact I’m helping Logan with his campaign. I also support Singh. On election day, I’ll be choosing 3 at large candidates for City Council. I would like to choose you in addition to Singh and of course Logan for mayor, but you won’t appear on the Republican ballot, right? Any suggestions?

    • Jocelyn Vare says:

      Hi Peter, Thanks for reaching out. If you select a Republican Party ballot in the May 7th primary election, you will not see me there. I am a Democratic candidate and unopposed in the primary. However, I will be on every voter’s general election ballot on Nov 5th. In separate conversations I have had with Logan and Gurinder, I marvel at how new candidates like us, from either party, are in alignment on community issues. Thank you for your encouragement, -Jocelyn

  2. 173 Comments. Are you conservative or liberal? Republican or Democrat ? Are you sure? I didn’t know how I felt about some of the issues up for debate.

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