Over 10 years ago, I participated in my first community volunteer activity in Fishers. I joined a local non-profit board, worked alongside other Fishers residents and enjoyed every minute of it. That volunteer opportunity led me to the next one, and the next one and the next one. I became a member of a wide network of local volunteers successfully making Fishers a better place for all.

Today, I am a 21-year Fishers resident and each of these volunteer activities led me right here. I am running for Fishers City Council, At-Large. I am a first-time candidate and a Democrat.

I love Fishers and am thankful for the opportunities it has given my family. However, something has changed in Fishers in the past few years. Residents say that they do not recognize our city anymore. They tell me that they miss the amenities that they used to love – the Fair Train, the Fishers Freedom Festival, small businesses downtown, easy traffic, green space, etc. I agree with them.

Fishers residents haven’t been invited meaningfully into the conversation of how our city will mature. To us, the changes are surprising, rapid and haphazard. Even more worrisome, it can feel like city government is picking winners and losers instead of working for the benefit of the whole community. Our city leaders have told us that these changes are for the best, to create a strong city economy for the future. However, these same city leaders have raised residents’ property taxes each year for the past five years while providing generous tax breaks to corporate developers. Something here is out of whack.

I am running for City Council to accomplish three things that Fishers is missing.

  • Fiscal Responsibility. Managing the property tax rate and municipal debt responsibly. This means taking a more critical eye to how the city doles out tax incentives to corporate developers.
  • Common Sense Balance. Yes, the city has been exclusively led by members of the same political party for decades. This lack of checks & balances has fostered an environment where our city leaders feel entitled to pick winners and losers. We need a new voice on City Council that will advocate for everyday residents and small businesses.
  • Open-Door Government. I will reconnect local government with the people it is supposed to serve. You will have new opportunities to be informed and have your voice heard. I will serve YOU.

I am asking to earn your vote for Fishers City Council, At-Large to make our city a better place for all. Please participate in the future of Fishers by voting on Tuesday, November 5th.

Thank you,

(Photo taken in 2017 when I was a volunteer judge for the Kids Bike Parade contest at the Fishers Freedom Festival. One of my favorite volunteer gigs ever!)