MYTH: There are very few Democrats who live in Fishers.
FACT: There are many, many more than it may seem.

I’ve heard the jokes too. How many Fishers Democrats does it take to screw in a lightbulb? All seven of them. When do Fishers Democrats hold their monthly meetings? As soon as the other one arrives. All the Fishers Democrats walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says “Hey, buddy, we don’t open until 5.”

So, when I announced that I was running as Fishers’ only Democratic citywide candidate, I expected to be heckled a bit. But that’s not what happened at all. I have received many “thank yous” instead, from Democrats and Republicans alike. Fishers residents are hoping for a new voice to represent them and a new balance in our local government now. I am certain of it.

Our city has a population of over 90,000 and has been represented only by Republicans for decades. I am certain that will change with the 2019 Fishers municipal general election.

Fact. There is meaningful proof that there are far, far more Fishers residents who will vote for a Democrat than you may think. How do I know this?
Because they already have.

  • In the May Primary, I ran unopposed for Fishers City Council, At-Large. For many of the primary voters who selected a Democratic ballot, I was the only name they could cast a vote for. Yet, I received a total of 1,243 votes.* That’s four times more than the Democratic citywide candidate received in the previous municipal primary in 2015.
  • In 2018, Democrat U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly won 4 out of the 6 Fishers City Council districts, against Republican Mike Braun.
  • In 2018, Rachna Greulach was the first Democrat ever elected to the Fall Creek Township board. Fall Creek township is a political subdivision of Hamilton County and includes the east half of Fishers.
  • In 2016 and 2018, Hamilton County had the biggest swing and trend towards the Democrats in the entire state. Fishers was a major contributor to this fact.
  • Prior to 2018, Hamilton County’s typical winning margins were 70% Republican/30% Democrat. In 2018, this changed to 60% Republican/40% Democrat.

The fact of the matter is, if you are open to voting for a Democrat to represent you at the city level, you don’t need to be shy or tolerate corny jokes anymore. You are not alone, we’ve got your back. You have friends and a safe space in your community to share your perspective. And, it is OK to state out loud that you don’t agree with everything your city has become recently. This is your community, too. We need to be a positive influencer for Fishers, together. We can’t do that if we are silent.

Another fact we cannot ignore. The local Democratic party will never be able to provide a good balance and representation in Fishers without strong, service-oriented candidates. I know, it requires a lot of work and tenacity to run for local office. But I have never experienced anything so greatly humbling and gently empowering at the same time. I have learned a lot in the past five months since I became a candidate. I have learned how to better listen, serve and fight for all of Fishers residents. Consider undertaking this amazing experience yourself. (Your shoulder has just been tapped!)

Fact. My race for a seat on the Fishers City Council will be a dramatic fight. I am running against the three Republican incumbents who have Mayor Fadness’ backing and funding. I am proud to stand apart, always doing what’s best for Fishers residents as an independent thinker – while they team up within the comfort of their party.

I am also thankful to be joined by three other fellow Democratic candidates who are striving to earn your vote for district seats on the Fishers City Council. Adam Kaps is running in the South West District, Lane Skeeters is running in the South Central District and Sam DeLong is running in the North Central District. Identify your district and check out these candidates. They share a heart for service and a fresh perspective.

So, you see, there are many Democrats in Fishers. And, many more residents know that local government requires diversity and balance and are open to voting for a Democrat. I am asking to earn your vote on November 5th. No matter your party affiliation or position on local issues, I will represent you and create new opportunities for you to shape this city we share.

Fact. I love Fishers. I am proud to have lived here for 21 years while serving as a community volunteer. That’s why I am running for Fishers City Council At-Large — To ensure that all residents have a voice and can fully realize the remarkable promise of Fishers. The promise that all of us can succeed here. This promise is for all of us, Republicans, Democrats and even those who like to tell stale jokes.

*For those of you who cast a vote for me in May, thank you very much. Let’s do it again on Nov 5th!

Additional Resources:
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Data presented by A. Brando Corsaro