Four years ago, I ran for local office and made a promise. I promised that I would champion citizens’ interests. I promised that I would demand accountability and transparency from a local government that never was required to do so.

I share this example to demonstrate how I kept my promise. I’ve made Fishers a little better for you. And I ask now to earn your trust, confidence and vote to keep going. I would like to keep working on improvements in Fishers for you, just like I did in this specific example.

2020 City Budget vs. 2024 City Budget

Mayor Fadness creates the city budget each year. He recommends the municipal priorities for the upcoming year and sets the property tax rate. This tax rate helps determine how much tax citizens will pay the city.

The Fishers City Council is responsible for fiscal oversight. The Mayor’s proposed budget must receive the final approval of the City Council by a majority vote.

At the September City Council meeting each year, the Mayor makes a budget presentation to City Council and to citizens. Fishers residents are given a chance to provide feedback on the Mayor’s budget proposal.

Here’s where politics come in! Fishers politics was always one-sided and single-minded. But in 2020, Fishers’ 100% GOP-controlled local government became bipartisan for the first time. This new shift of political balance gave Fishers an opportunity to evolve and improve.

There are striking improvements in the Municipal Budget that is crafted and presented by Mayor Fadness, when you compare two different years.

In 2019, all City Council seats were held by Republicans, as it has always been.
In 2023, there are 7 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

I am one of those Democrats. Check out the positive impact that a Democrat city councilor can make!

One Democrat city councilor can claim that she influenced the Municipal Budget, really?
Take a few minutes to watch these videos and decide for yourself!

Look at how the City Council have improved executing their duties. Six of the current GOP city council members who are serving in 2023 also served in 2019, so it is a direct comparison. All of the city councilors are supposed to hold the Mayor accountable and advocate for citizens, not rubber stamp and praise.

Look how the Mayor has improved the way he reacts when challenged. Look at what I specifically requested of the Mayor in 2019 that was clearly fulfilled for citizens in 2023. I advocated for these improvements for four years. Improvements like this are worth waiting for!

2020 Budget Presentation (Sept-Oct 2019)

After Mayor Fadness presented his proposed 2020 Municipal Budget, the city council members almost cheered. (Sept 2019)
Jocelyn Vare’s remarks during Community Comment, after presentation of 2020 Budget (Sept 2019)
Jocelyn Vare’s remarks during Community Comment, after approval of 2020 Budget (Oct 2019)

2024 Budget Presentation (Sept 2023)

After Mayor Fadness’ 2024 Budget Presentation, the City Council members stayed silent. (Sept 2023)
But Jocelyn Vare spoke up and received commitment from Mayor to complete SR 37/141th St interchange as promised!
Fishers City Council responds to additional presentation of the 2024 Municipal Budget at first reading. (Sept 2023)