The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC (Political Action Committee) has endorsed Jocelyn Vare for Fishers City Council, At-Large. Jocelyn is the very first Democratic candidate to receive the organization’s endorsement and proves that responsible financial stewardship is a principle, not a political affiliation.

“As a new Fishers City Council member, Jocelyn will be a strong voice for Fishers residents who are concerned about the community’s frantic pace of mega-development, long-term financial sustainability and other concerns,” stated Logan Day, Fishers Director for the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County. “Her voice will challenge the status quo and provide a much needed checks and balances to City Council. Jocelyn Vare is not beholden to any elected official, nor is she a part of the mayor’s team of City Council members. Her objectives are to serve residents, demand city government accountability and implement measured, fiscally-responsible community development.”

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