Our Fishers City Council makes final decisions on a variety of issues that impact all of us. Mayor Fadness and City Staff first provide a recommendation before each City Council vote is taken. It is the decision of each City Council member to vote Aye to approve the recommendation or Nay to oppose it.

Here are the voting outcomes of the City Council as recorded in the past 12 monthly meetings (during the period September 2018-August 2019) *

  • 104 issues have been voted on in the past 12 months
  • 100% have passed, approving of the recommendations of Mayor Fadness and City Staff
  • 92% did not have a single Nay vote cast
  • Only 1.5% of all votes cast were Nays, in opposition to the recommendation
  • There were 18 times that a City Council member abstained (did not cast a vote)
  • 27% of the time, the City Council decided to forego normal procedures and just skip from first consideration to the final vote. A “suspension of the rules” by City Council can bypass up to two months of opportunities for residents to receive information and provide feedback for an upcoming vote.

It is clear. As a matter of practice, our City Council serves as a single-minded team, approving the recommendations of Mayor Fadness and City Staff.

No Fishers resident can be served by a “rubber stamp.” Instead, we deserve a City Council with members who consider each issue carefully and critically, collect facts and feedback, and stand up for the unique perspectives of the people in their district.

The good news is that your voice can be heard and you can participate in the decision-making for our city. Vote on Tuesday, November 5th.

As your only non-incumbent candidate for Fishers City Council at-Large, my responsibility is to challenge this “rubber stamp” status quo on behalf of all residents. I will work to provide you timely information, encourage your feedback and represent your concerns and ideas.
I am the one who is on your team.

* The minutes from the September 16, 2019 City Council meeting haven’t been released yet.

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