The February Fishers City Council Meeting will be held on Monday, February 15, at 7pm.  I warmly encourage you to participate. There is limited seating in City Hall to ensure social distancing. Or, you can observe the meeting by live-streaming the video at
There are two separate in-person meetings on Monday evening and both are open to the public at City Hall.

The first meeting is a Work Session at 6:30pm.
No action is taken at a Work Session. It is a gathering of the city council members to gather information about a specific topic. Work Sessions are always open to the public to observe. I believe the Work Session will be live-streamed.

There are two agenda items for the Work Session:

Economic Improvement Districts – This is an economic development and quality of place tool that has been implemented in a few Indiana cities, most commonly in downtown districts. Commercial property owners agree to an additional property tax assessment. Those collective funds are then dedicated to fund enhancements in the district that go above and beyond what the city provides.

Hamilton County Emergency Rental Assistance Program – This is a new grant opportunity for households who rent their home and have been financially impacted by the pandemic. This grant will assist with rent and utility payments. Applications open at 9am on Monday, March 15.

The City Council Meeting is open to the public and it begins at 7pm, immediately after the Work Session.

View and Participate in the City Council Meeting

  • A video of the meeting will be broadcast live starting at 7pm on Monday so you can watch from home.
  • Fishers residents are welcomed to submit public comments electronically prior to the meeting. All comments received before the meeting will be presented at the meeting and will be part of the meeting’s Community Comment. The Public Comment Form is live on the website right now. Please submit your comments as soon as possible, before noon on Monday is ideal.
  • “Community Comment” at the end of each City Council meeting is always open for your comment on any Fishers topic. This is an “open mic” opportunity for any Fishers resident to address the City Council for three minutes. Since the meeting will be virtual due to COVID concerns, the City Hall auditorium will have limited capacity for residents to attend in-person. Residents are encouraged to submit their comments via the Public Comment Form.
  • Meeting agendas and past meeting minutes can be found here, under City Council tab.
  • Past meeting videos are supposed to be posted within 48 hours of the meeting. Sometimes, you can find the videos here, in the Agenda Center, the TV icon under the “Media” column. Sometimes, City Council meeting videos are to be posted here.

The City Council Meeting agendas are available here. As always, the agenda has items that appear in blue that are links to open the supporting documents. Here’s my rundown of the meeting agenda items and my interpretation of them.

  1. Health Department Update. The last time the City Council has received an update about the Health Department was in November. So, I am very interested to learn how the new Fishers Health Department is serving our community during the pandemic.
  2. Consent Agenda.
    There are two items on the Consent Agenda.
    Item a. is review of the January meeting minutes.
    Item b. transfers funds. These actions transfer funds within the city budget, which is needed periodically. The transfers do not adjust the bottom line at all. This is a transfer of dollars from one budget category to another to avoid a negative balance in a category.

The Consent Agenda is a grouping of routine reports that should be approved in one swift action, instead of approving each one separately. I believe that all items included on the Consent Agenda should be approved as presented and approved unanimously. If not, the item that requires a revision, abstention, or other action needs to be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered as a separate voting item.


  1. Approval Financing Agreement for Annual Fleet Loan.
    This item is the purchase a 5-year, $2.7 million lease for vehicles and equipment for Public Works, Police and Fire Departments. Vehicles include 18 police vehicles, 1 Pumper Fire Truck, 1 full-size van plus upfitting, 12 industrial mowers, 1 Utility Task Vehicle, 1 Tandem Axle Dump Truck plus upfitting, 1 backhoe, 1 skid steer, 5 salt spreaders for snow and ice removal, 5 mid-size SUV’s and/or mid-size trucks plus upfitting, and 8 work trucks.

Economic Development

  1. Economic Development Agreement for a Gray Eagle multi-family development, new clubhouse and course improvements.
    Specifically, the Multi-Family Developer and/or Course Owner will buy Bonds to finance the Project, and the City will pledge tax increment to the payment of the Bonds. The City will not pledge other resources to the Project beyond the tax increment that the Project generates.

The Gray Eagle golf course is of great value to the residents of Gray Eagle and the entire community. The owners planned to close the golf course permanently. Instead of that undesirable outcome, this proposal is for a 55+ multi-family development and a commitment to improve the course and clubhouse and operate the golf course for 15 years. The City is proposing a developer-backed bond and pledging TIF funds to repayment of the bonds. This proposal is for 149 garden-style units, townhomes and ranch-style homes located on southeast corner of 126th and Brook School Road. There will be no impact to Gray Eagle Homeowners annual dues. The city’s involvement began back in 2017 when Gray Eagle HOA leaders sought City’s involvement to protect the golf course, home values and a community amenity.
(See Item #20 for Rezone)

  1. This is regarding a new use for the vacant Marsh Supermarket site at 96th and Lantern Road. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at this city council meeting to learn neighbors’ feedback.
    According to the Economic Development Agreement that the City Council approved in December 2020, now the site has to be established as an Economic Revitalization Area. This is the next step, a public hearing where Fishers residents can provide feedback on the Economic Revitalization Area designation and tax abatement.
    Memory Ventures is planning a $1 million investment into the building. In return, Memory Ventures would receive a tax abatement. They would not pay any property taxes on the building for 10 years.

In 2019, a plan was approved by the City Council for Strongbox, a commercial developer, to demolish the Marsh building with the city waiving fees. The new proposal is for the building to remain in place and be rehabilitated into the new headquarters for Memory Ventures, a Fishers company since the city is offering a tax abatement to Memory Ventures, who is planning a $1 million investment into the building. In return, Memory Ventures would not pay any property taxes on the building for 10 years. Memory Ventures came to Fishers in 2015 from California, receiving incentives to do so from Indiana Economic Development Corp. Their current HQ is located off Crosspoint Blvd, south of 106th Street.

Planning & Zoning
12.and 13. Fiscal Plan and Voluntary Annexation – Maple Del. 18acres located south of the intersection of 116th and Holland Drive.

14. and 15. Fiscal Plan and Rezone for US Foods expansion. This facility is located at 126th and Cumberland Road. There are a few homes nearby and neighborhoods across 126th It is important to note that semi truck access is proposed to be exclusively off of Cumberland Road, not 126th St. The rezone changes Agricultural to Industrial.

  1. Rezone for Cumberland Cottages. FINAL READING
    A proposal of a rental community of 11 single units located at 13995 Cumberland Road, the SW corner of 141st and Cumberland Road. I’ve been a supporter of HAND for a few years now and their good work in Hamilton County to create affordable housing opportunities. This is HAND’s first affordable housing proposal in Fishers. Their concept is a small development of pleasing cottages that are perfect for single-parent households. HAND will be able to help fill a well-known shortcoming in our city’s housing stock. I enthusiastically support this project.
  1. Parkside PUD. FINAL READING
    12915 Parkside Dr, the eastside of Parkside Rd between 126th and 131st This is a 10-acre senior apartment complex of 162 units. This item is to amend the parking and landscaping requirements.
    13149 E 131st An expansion to the Play School at Saxony. This item is to receive an amendment for .75 acres.
  3. Text amendment to Planned Unit Development Ordinance. Vermillion PUD.
    The Woods at Vermillion is a located at 10561 Vermillion Dr, east of Cyntheanne Rd on Connecticut Ave. The proposed revision would allow seven lots to have a shorter front yard setback, 20 feet instead of the PUD standard of 30 feet. This subdivision is currently being constructed by Lannar.
  4. Rezone Preserve at Gray Eagle PUD. See item 10 above.

There are several voluntary annexations that are being considered at this meeting. When a property owner located in an unincorporated area would like to be annexed into the City of Fishers, a public hearing is held at a city council meeting to discuss. Many times, a property owner wants to improve the property and/or start receiving city services. Fishers has so many unannexed parcels that our incorporated city map is sometimes called “swiss cheese.” In general, an annexation is a positive action for both the city and the property owner.

  1. Voluntary Annexation – Summerfield. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at this city council meeting to learn neighbors’ feedback.
    Five acres at 11137 E 136th Street.
  2. Voluntary Annexation – Wetherill Estates. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at this city council meeting to learn neighbors’ feedback.
    Six acres at 10275 Cumberland Road.
  3. Voluntary Annexation – Legacy Bible Church. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at this city council meeting to learn neighbors’ feedback. 13490 Howe Rd on the east side of Howe Rd, north of 131st St
  4. Voluntary Annexation – Sunderman Estates. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at this city council meeting to learn neighbors’ feedback. 5 acres at 11110 E 106th
  5. Rezone – The Villas at Fishers District. First Reading.
    Thompson Thrift is proposing a new single-family rental community directly south and adjacent to Fishers District. The Villas at Fishers District will be a 25.5 acres property consisting of 250 paired villa and townhome units. In addition to the Villas at Fishers District residential community, a 10.5-acre +/- area at the south east corner of IKEA Way and USA Parkway will be set aside for future commercial use.

26. Rezone – Summerfield.
5 acres at 11137 E 136th St. New home construction and sewer connection to City is reason for voluntary annexation. First, a rezone is needed from R2 Residential to ER Estate Residential.

27. Text amendment to Marina Planned Unit Development.
Hamilton County, who has jurisdiction over Olio Road, has informed the City that the proposed location of the city’s future Geist Waterfront Park entrance needs to align with the existing entrance to the marina on the west side. That would require the park entrance to be moved 90 feet south and would be negatively impact the park design and circulation. Marina Limited Partnership has agreed to move their existing driveway as part of a text amendment that will allow for one (1) restaurant and a revised parking lot with landscaping.

28. Exemption for City Health Department for vaccination site in former Marsh.

The City of Fishers has converted an empty retail space into a vaccination site for the Fishers Health Department. Currently the property is subject to an overlay zone that only allows for grocery use in the building. In addition, the City requires relief from other development standards that the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regulates, such as signage, outdoor storage, etc.

29. Unfinished/New Business

30. Community Comment. I don’t believe that in-person comments from the public will be available at this meeting, since the meeting is virtual. All comments submitted through the online form that are received before the meeting will be provided to the city council members before the meeting and will be part of the meeting’s record. The Public Comment Form is live on the website right now. Please submit your comments as soon as possible, before noon on Monday is ideal.

Meeting adjourned!

If you have any comments or questions, please send them my way. Email is a good way to get a hold of me.
Next month’s Fishers City Council Meeting is Monday, March 15, 2021.

Thank you for reading all of this. 🙂