The Fishers community is in an exhausting game of tug of war – pulling neighbors apart over library books, parents’ rights, political issues, personal choices, and more. Our disagreements and extremism have been broadcast on local and national news. Some community leaders have remained silent while Fishers’ reputation has gone down in flames.

I have spoken out and listened up. As I hear from residents, I learned that these divisive issues are perceived as having only two choices. Just good and bad. In reality, the answer is somewhere in the middle.

A balance can be found if compassion is present. If you see your neighbor’s point of view and try to understand their perspective, maybe your neighbor can do the same for you.

I am sure that Balance and Compassion is how Fishers moves forward, resets, and compromises. Just think! We could make the national news as the community who stopped tugging and started listening and caring.

Here are some examples that can help make Fishers a city we can all be proud of.

⚖️ Yes, you can feel uncomfortable about sex scenes in YA books AND want books to stay put in the public library’s Young Adult section.

⚖️ You can have concerns about classroom discussions of today’s world views AND support a referendum to support your local public schools.

⚖️ You can believe that race should never be a factor AND be aware and acknowledge that it is.

⚖️ You can support the 2nd amendment AND support sensible gun legislation.

⚖️ You can be opposed to abortion AND be opposed to lawmakers forcing pregnancy on women.

⚖️ You can be puzzled by people who are transgender AND want to protect them from hate.

⚖️ You can be a strong parent voice who advocates for your child AND you can also offer the mic to parents who advocate for their children differently.

⚖️ You can be a loyal Republican or Democrat AND be opposed to gerrymandering and supermajorities.

What Balance & Compassion would you add to this list? What amendments would you make to this list?