How well have our small businesses been doing in the midst of Fishers’ downtown Nickel Plate District new development and construction?

I quickly identified 20 small businesses in a six-block area that has experienced a major disruption. Some establishments have closed, some have relocated and some are still up in the air. Together, these local businesses were the heart of downtown Fishers.

Where Are They Now? – Small Businesses in the Nickel Plate District

116th Street

  1. Archer’s Meats, (closed)
  2. Riviera Maya (relocated)
  3. Sharp Printing (relocated)
  4. Oak & Ivy Boutique (relocated)
  5. Mah Jongg Center (relocated)
  6. Square Donuts (closed)
  7. Nickel Plate Grill (closing April 20, 2019)
  8. Roman & Leo (relocating)
  9. Fishers Barber Shop (relocating)
  10. Vardagen (closed)

Maple Street

  1. Stella & Nash (relocated)
  2. Jennifer Driscoll Photography (relocate to Noblesville)
  3. Blush Salon Boutique (relocating)
  4. Twigs & Tea (relocating)
  5. Jen’s Day Care at Learning Depot (closed or relocated)
  6. Kelsaw Music Study (closed or relocated)
  7. Lily & Sparrow (relocated)
  8. Makefresh (relocated)

Lantern Road

  1. Rhodes Nationwide Insurance (relocated)
  2. Richard Moore American Family Insurance (closed, may have relocated)

In addition to these small businesses, the Nickel Plate District has also lost excursion train rides, trees, and the Pocket Park with its chalk graffiti and colorful artwork. Sure, there is a ton of new development coming in. But nothing can take the place of this collection of local small businesses. They were the heart of downtown Fishers.


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